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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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official: the silver and black are leaving for las vegas. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. the silver and black are leaving for la od evening, i'm el i'm very sad today for the raider nation. >> tonight it is official. the silver and black are leaving for las vegas. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. that story in a home. but first breaking news. a pepper spray attack at a bay area mall, it happened at the
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stones town galleria in san francisco. let's get right to kpix5's veronica de la cruz. >> 16 people were attacked. last word at least three of them were taken to the hospital. it started about 8:00 tonight. people complained about a chemical spray in the area. witnesses tell police they believe a girl walked into the forever 21 store and spritzed a substance around this store but didn't seem to have a target. she then took off and ran. >> it appears that she might have known other juveniles in the store because after she sprayed the air and left and it was like an orange substance and left, she was followed out by other juveniles. >> 16 people were treated. many had to have their eyes washed out. the area around forever 21 was evacuated. as soon as the air is safe, police will go back in. they plan to look at surveillance video to try to get more information about who they're looking for exactly. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. more breaking news in san francisco, a man was swept out
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to sea near baker beach tonight. just a few minutes ago we learned the coastguard suspended their search. another man tried to help before rescuers got there, but then he got into trouble. that's when a friend called 911. >> they pulled us off the rocks because the tide was coming in pretty fast, so we didn't really have contact the entire time, but from what i understand they sent out the fire department swimmer out. >> sadly rescuers lost sight of the man in the water at around 8:00. firefighters tweeted out this photo of the rope they used to pull the one man to safety. new video of a nasty crash in the east bay just coming into the newsroom. a run away bull, yes, a bull caused a six car pileup. as you can see, several cars were badly damaged when they were hit along highway 4 near mccune the unincorporated area of contra costa county around 4:00, no
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word yet of any injuries to em too, but the bull of kill -- to any people, but the bull was killed. it's not clear where the bull came from, but one rancher speculates maybe the stormy weather had something to do with it. >> maybe erosion underneath a fence, hill side and a cow got out that way. it scares us all to death when they get out on the freeway. >> that rancher estimates the bull was worth between 8 to $10,000. now to the other big story we're following tonight, the raiders leaving for las vegas, it's the day the raider nation has been dreading. the nfl owners have voted overwhelmingly to move the team. my co-anchor ken bastida was in phoenix for the announcement and guns our team coverage. >> reporter: it was a strange news conference with nfl commissioner roger goodell saying on the one hand, he was very, very upset about the raiders having to leave oakland and on the other
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hand saying well, they're going to a great place, las vegas. word came out of this morning's nfl owners meeting after less than an hour 31-1, the vote in favor of relocation. raiders owner mark davis says it was a tough decision. >> how does that make you feel? >> i have mixed feelings obviously. i love oakland. i love the fans in oakland and i know that there's going to be disappointment and maybe some anger and i just hope in the future as we play in oakland this year, they understand it wasn't the players, it wasn't the coaches that made this decision, but it was me. if they have anybody to talk to about it, it should be me. i will in the coming days try to explain to them what went into making this difficult decision. >> reporter: oakland raider fan godfather griz jones made the trip to phoenix to hear the news himself. he says essentially the raider mystique is over. >> this whole situation has a
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reflection of the nfl doesn't care about the people that support it and we're going to guarantee this, our culture of people the next year or two always the oakland raiders are playing or want to play, it will be such a miserable experience for them, there's going to be a media report coming out saying we immediate a mistake after the fact. there is going to be a class action lawsuit. >> mark davis said he will refund any regular season ticket holder who wants their money back. speaking of money, in the end, it was all about money, 750 million in guaranteed public funding just too much for the raiders and nfl to turn down, but you got to wonder how much did they lose in goodwill with raider fans and fans in the nfl? in phoenix i'm ken bastida, kpix5. pro sports team left i .. >> with the raiders moving across state lines and the warriors moving across the bay, suddenly the a's are the only pro sports team left in oakland. kpix5's joe vazquez talked to
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the a's president in oakland tonight. >> reporter: it's a slightly awkward situation here in oakland tonight always the city's baseball team, the oakland a's, are unveiling a giant mural beginning a week of fan celebrations on the exact same day the football team announced it's leaving town. >> i don't stand for it. i don't approve of it. quite frankly, the raiders, the nfl are dead to me. >> we love them to death. we want them to stay here, but if they got to go, they got to go. i recognize they wanted a new stadium and that's what they got. >> we feel really bad for the hard core raiders fans, raiders nation, but at the same time we're making sure we have success on and off the field. >> we had a viable deal on the table, fully financed, shovel ready. that speaks for itself. >> we've done everything that the nfl asked us to do. >> reporter: city leaders are
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frustrated, oakland city councilman jerry reed said he ordered a review of the raiders lease seeing if they can be evicted right away. >> i don't want them there. they can go down to santa clara to play. they didn't want us. we busted our tails. they didn't engage with the city of oakland in trying to come up with a comprehensive deal that would allow them to stay. >> reporter: the a's promise they are committed to staying. >> oh, absolutely. we're celebrating our 50th anniversary next year. we're going to be rooted in oakland and be here another 50 or 100 years and bring more world championships to this city. >> reporter: in oakland joe vazquez, kpix5. what do you think about the las vegas traders? >> this raiders fan was so upset he burned his jersey. he's not the only one. he also had some choice words for mark davis and the nfl owners, words we can't broadcast, shocking. >> so where did oakland fail? andrea nakano continues our team coverage. >> according to oakland, they
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had a plan in place and didn't fail, but nfl commissioner roger goodell said the owners weren't comfortable with oakland's plan to privately financial the stadium. >> we're particularly disappointed for the fans of the oakland raiders in oakland. this is something i know will be seen with a great deal of disappointment by them. we understand that and we worked tirelessly and hard as we could to try to find that solution and we just couldn't get that done. >> raiders quarterback derek carr tweeted this afternoon, "oakland, our team loves you and my family and i love you. we will be resill -- resilient and stay together because that's what raiders do." there will building $100 million -- will be $100 million after the raiders leave. >> derek carr such a class act. >> he's a local kid from fresno and had an uncle play for the raiders. >> thank you.
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ken bastida is heading to las vegas to look at the next steps to build a new stadium. tune in tomorrow for his live reports starting at 5:00. tonight three people are confirmed dead -- three three people are confirmed dead in a fire that tore through an apartment building in west oakland around 5:30 this morning on san pablo avenue near 980. kpix5's cate cauguiran has learned fire inspectors were there just three days ago. >> reporter: alameda county coroner's office identified one of the victims as 64-year-old edwarn anderson. firefighters found him dead on the second floor. tonight we got ahold of city records that showed this building had several violations. >> i'm thinking while i'm trying to get out you don't even hear no fire alarm. >> reporter: what about sprinklers? >> nothing. there was nothing. >> reporter: tonight we've learned oakland fire inspectors notified the owner just three days ago this apartment building on san pablo avenue has several violations including fire alarm system,
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fire sprinkler system, smoke detector, fire extinguisher. gilbert joneslyed in the building and told us the -- jones lived in the building and goal us the fire started down the -- told us the fire started down the hall of his apartment. >> when i got out the fire escape, the whole roof was on fire. >> reporter: in desperation some people tied blankets together to try to climb down from their windows. >> only if arrival we had several occupants -- upon arrival we had several occupants hanging out the windows. >> reporter: the building house transition living group, the tenants say the landlord was trying to convict the group after they complained about poor living conditions. the group's attorney james cooked residents were living in squalor. >> see wires hanging down and on the first floor there's like a river of water. >> reporter: city records show complaints for electrical
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issues, hold and post infestation -- hold and pest infestation -- hold and pest infest -- mold and pest infestation. in oakland, cate cauguiran, kpix5. two suspects used this makeshift weapon in a random bay area attack. tonight what we've learned about the bloody ambush. >> tonight this dangerous stunt on a california freeway has attention of police. >> and this 4-year-old bay area hospital patient is inspiring people paul all over the world tonight by sharing a song from her husband bed. ,,
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tonight betty yu reports - it's just the latest troubling
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incident at the santa clara county main jail. a brutal attack, a man is stabbed 40 times and survived. it's just the latest troubling incident at the santa clara county main jail. >> reporter: this attack happened in a cell block with mostly violent inmates. the santa clara county sheriff's office says it was preplanned and very calculated, but there's no evidence that the victim provoked the attackers in any way. they waited until he had his back turned to ambush him. these are the makeshift weapons two inmates used to brutally assault an unsuspecting inmate stabbing him about 40 times yesterday morning. >> several jabs to the face and neck, stabbing him in the back over and over again repeatedly, not adhering to the deputies' orders to stop. >> reporter: the 40-year-old victim was talking to another inmate through a cell door window during rec time when 40 other inmates were out. the sheriff's office said surveillance video shows that
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other inmates were also in on the ambush, both stabbing suspects in their early 20s already accused of murder or attempted murder. >> we've been trying to get people more out time to relieve some of the stress and tensions an inmate feels in custody. these inmates took advantage of that out time and in a very heinous and brutal way. >> reporter: the attackers stabbed the victim with such force they bent the sharpened metal. they used newspaper or magazines and braided pieces of plastic or tape to make the handle. this attack happened as three correctional deputies are on trial charged with beating a mentally ill inmate michael tyree to death in august, 2015. the victim was treated at the hospital and is back in jail now. the sheriff's office said newly installed surveillance cameras captured the entire attack, but new county policy forbids them from releasing it to the public at this time. in san jose betty yu, cbs5.
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was caught on camera: a man hangs outside a pickup truck... perched on the running board at high speed. -- kpix5. now to a dangerous stunt on a freeway in southern california, a man hanging outside a pickup truck perched on the running board at high speed and it's happened more than once. >> reporter: go ahead and file this stunt seen on the 15 freeway in corona under do not try. >> one little flip and he could have, you know, hurt himself and hurt other people. >> reporter: jennifer driscoll took this video and shared it online with city leaders. on saturday she saw a man climb out of the passenger side window of a truck and dance while hanging on with one arm as his sweater around his waist flapped in the wind. >> my only thought i got when i posted that to the city of corona is possibly the mom or someone who knew them would see and be like are you kidding me, like really? >> reporter: others online said they'd seen this type of
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reckless action on the freeways recently. if he fell off of there -- >> if he fell off of there, someone would swerve to avoid him and crash into somebody else. that's got to be illegal. just incredibly stupid. >> reporter: a chp spokesperson called the stun unbelievably dangerous and another officer said -- stunt unbelievably dangerous and another officer said he'd heard about this, drivers hoping this is the lasts of the stunts to be seen. at a minimum this guy should face a no seatbelt ticket. the old bay bridge has been coming down 4 years, but tomorrow it will -- for years, but tomorrow it will hit a key milestone. a final steel truss is standing still near the tokeland shore line. tomorrow caltrans workers will lower and disassemble it, but because of where it is they have to time their effort very carefully between low and high tides. the entire truss weighs about 1.7 million pounds. get that finished by the end o there's still one more
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demolition phase to remove peers, pilings and yonder water foundations. cal -- underwater foundations. caltrans wants to get that finished by the end of this year. tonight a 4-year-old in the hospital in oakland is inspiring people all around the world. she's known always as leah, the -- as leah, the overcomer. >> reporter: this little girl has spent more time inside oakland's benioff's children's hospital than outside. some of her closest friends are the nurses treating her for a rare blood disorder where bone player marrow is unable --
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marrow is unable to make blood cells. to distract her from boredom and sometimes pain her mother looked for songs on the internet. that's how leah became a fan of gospel singer manditha. this one video of her singing transformed the pint size sensation that generated more than 1 million views. >> reporter: what do you think made this so popular? >> the world just needed joy right now. >> reporter: leah has survived numerous transplants and surgeries. >> the song is really fitting for her life. >> reporter: little leah's voice has inspider both the sick and healthy who post -- inspired both the sick and healthy who posted comments
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from around the world. >> one, two, three, we love you, leah! >> reporter: doctors say leah's disease is close to being cured earning her the nickname leah, the overcomer. >> wow. pretty incredible. >> great song, great girl. that's good stuff. 50 degrees right now in livermore, the cool spot 49 degrees in santa rosa, clear and chilly tonight. the radar will stay clear until thursday morning. lows tonight kind of chilly in the north bay, santa rosa down to 41, low to mid-40s in napa valley, concord 45, san jose dropping to 46 degrees. we obviously had to change. it rained sunday night, sunny today. the change is a ridge of high pressure still to the west. it won't make a huge close pass to the bay area. we'll see storms go up and over
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that ridge and one of those which is a very wimpy weather system will move through giving us a tiny chance of rain thursday. between now and then really awesome weather to get outside, nothing but sunshine tuesday, nothing but sunshine wednesday morning, a little cloud cover in the north bay wednesday evening and the one chance of rain, the only chance of rain the next week, week and a half a couple sprinkles thursday morning right around rush hour. if you're lucky, you get .2- inch of rainfall. after that a stronger ridge of high pressure moves in. the highs saturday will approach 80 degrees away from the water. most of this week will be dry and pleasant, tiny shower chance thursday. that's it. temperatures stay relatively close to average which in late march, early april, that's a good spot to be in. 71 tomorrow in oakland, 72 livermore, 73 in fairfield, 75 napa. we'll be warm wednesday. thursday morning a couple showers, breezy and cooler. look at saturday, 78 inland, 72
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near the bay over the weekend. we cool down sunday and monday, but the overall theme is it's springtime. it's nice. it's comfortable, not hot, not cold. it's going to be a good week. >> it is so nice to see those little subjects in the forecast. >> we have about 21 of them on there. >> it's great. >> it's time to dry out. >> we earned it. >> this year we have. >> thanks. well, is that a mustang on the road? yeah, that kind of mustang. horses take off a bay area freeway. unfortunate and here are tonight's guest -- and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ,,,,,,,,,,
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east bay... >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. a couple of four legged fugitives made the morning commute a little more interesting in the east bay. two horses were spotted trotting along walnut creek by the chp during rush hour. here you can see them galloping against traffic. officers had to shut down the road while they corralled the
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horses. the horses apparently broke through a fence where they were kept about a mile away. they're beautiful but not what you want to see on the freeway. >> no. >> you probably want to see that, though, than the raiders story i have coming up. >> more horses, please. raiders fans have been through this before and so have the players. coming up raider legend jim plunkett reflects on moving to las vegas. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the raiders. the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> for nearly 40 years jim plunkett has been involved with the raiders, a two time super bowl champ in silver and black, but he's hearing the move of the silver and black moving again and it's really not sunk in yet. >> i think it's a sad day for local bay area raider fans. there's no question about it. i don't particularly want to go to vegas, but that's where the franchise is going and that's where i'm going. these fans are great. they are great to be around. hopefully they'll continue to support the raiders. we'll see. >> raider nation, plunkett was a raiders quarterback. now davis moved the fran -- when al davis moved the franchise in 1982, he remembers moving to southern california.
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it was bittersweet for himself and the fans. >> i know i wasn't particularly fond of leaving my home, but when we got to l.a., it was like a new franchise, welcomed with open arms of everybody was coming to the games. it was really a lot of fun and i think for mark davis and the people that have been associated with the raiders for a long time it's an exciting time, you know, when you get a new stadium and it's your new home. you're playing in a bunch of loyal raider fans. hopefully they'll find that base down there somewhere. in the women's elite eight pac-12 oregon ducks trying to join stanford in the final four, but the huskies dominated, 4th quarter up 34. collier had a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you need.. to start your day. good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: welcome to cbs sports! i'm larry bo berry. >> and i'm gary nana-fana-fo-ferry. there's a fox in the henhouse and grandma's on fire! we are down to the final four! the florida gators lost big to the south carolina gamecocks last night. >> tough defeat for the gators. also suffering a stunning upset on friday, the washington elephants. >> a huge disappointment. let's go live to their coach now. >> we came really close today, but we came up short. >> and by short, he means a crushing, embarrassing defeat of historic proportions. >> if i were coach ryan, i'd stick my head in the sand and pray for fire ants to gnaw at my face so no one would recognize me. >> it's his only hope after a loss this big. and i tell you-- he did not sugarcoat this. >> "i will not sugarcoat this -- this is a disappointing day for us." >> i'm surprised they crapped the bed this hard. coach ryan and his team have been claiming to have a great game plan for over seven years. it's all they talked.


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